In the field of new style beats, there’s been an embar­rass­ment of riches released for free over the past cou­ple weeks. First there was the incred­i­ble Fly Rus­sia com­pi­la­tion from Error Broad­cast, and then Svet­lana Indus­tries released another giant com­pi­la­tion called Come On Lets Go just last week. Taken together, they are just an immense out­pour­ing of all the things that make 2010 an excit­ing time to be a fan of beat pro­duc­ers. Whereas Fly Rus­sia intro­duced me to many new artists to fol­low, Come On Lets Go brings together a large selec­tion of well-known beat mak­ers with some new faces. Demokracy, 1000names, 8Bitch, Jack­high, and Teebs all make extra­or­di­nary appear­ances here. Among the new artists are the eight short com­po­si­tions by Pro­hor, all laid back and beau­ti­ful con­tri­bu­tions like “Eye­brow Divide.” The heavy beats of Par­al­lel Con­cept & KOCMOC on “5th Titan” and Polyklinik’s “Blurred Pho­tographs” are tem­pered by slow-moving tracks such as 8Bitch on “In The Moog For Love” and Teeb’s gor­geous “Every­one Alive Wants Answers.” This com­pi­la­tion is a great intro­duc­tion to the best of cur­rent rhyth­mic explo­rations and well-worth the look. Grab it at the Svet­lana Indus­tries site: Come On Lets Go.

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