In the field of new style beats, there’s been an embarrassment of riches released for free over the past couple weeks. First there was the incredible Fly Russia compilation from Error Broadcast, and then Svetlana Industries released another giant compilation called Come On Lets Go just last week. Taken together, they are just an immense outpouring of all the things that make 2010 an exciting time to be a fan of beat producers. Whereas Fly Russia introduced me to many new artists to follow, Come On Lets Go brings together a large selection of well-known beat makers with some new faces. Demokracy, 1000names, 8Bitch, Jackhigh, and Teebs all make extraordinary appearances here. Among the new artists are the eight short compositions by Prohor, all laid back and beautiful contributions like “Eyebrow Divide.” The heavy beats of Parallel Concept & KOCMOC on “5th Titan” and Polyklinik’s “Blurred Photographs” are tempered by slow-moving tracks such as 8Bitch on “In The Moog For Love” and Teeb’s gorgeous “Everyone Alive Wants Answers.” This compilation is a great introduction to the best of current rhythmic explorations and well-worth the look. Grab it at the Svetlana Industries site: Come On Lets Go.

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