Late last year, Midwest producer Fancy Mike released the great Madison Square Gardner EP on King Deluxe, full of thick programming and effervescent synths. One of the most notable aspects to his music, though, was an affinity with orchestral sounds and composition. While the music had its heart in hip-hop, the underlying structure was in the symphony. It lends his music a weight sometimes not found in the bright, spastic beat constructions that circle the globe today. Not one to rest on his laurels, the new Sigma Chi Primavera EP is a varied and complex collection of remixes, collaborations, and new tracks.

One of the standout tracks from Madison Square Gardner, “Ramachandran,” receives no less than five new versions here, starting with Russian beatsmith Pixelord’s “Tron Cat Remix.” Pixelord transforms the psychedelic synths and languid rhythm into a cinematic car chase, chopping the beat and stretching the melodies into 8 bit swirls. “Ramachandran #666 (Alphabets Heaven’s Mephistopheles Mix)” is not only a giant title but a large reinterpretation of the original, eradicating the original beat and replacing it with a slow thump and adding in frenetic squalls of noise between the kicks. Another remarkable remix comes with Satanicpornocultshop’s take, with light and happy keys dominating the sound before distorted breakbeats come in for contrast.

While remixes take up about half of Sigma Chi Primavera, some of the best moments come from new collaborative tracks like “Captain Nero” with Montgomery Clunk. A voice tone is stretched and looped over clipped synths and some very lively drum programming. While coming in at a short 2 minutes, the song nevertheless maintains a focused momentum, with the second half breaking into a triumphant theme, harkening back to Madison Square Gardner’s epic feeling. Starfawn collaborates on “Swan Swan,” with gentle twinkling frequencies and a thick low-end, while textural voices and distortion twists and turns throughout. “Goblin” features Constrobuz on a bluesy, swampy electronic beat, with swathes of synthesized grit bobbing slowly over top, feeling like an inevitable avalanche.

Fancy Mike closes out with the “Ages Film Suite” version of “Ramachandran” and a new track called “Superman.” Including the words “film suite” in this version is no coincidence, as this final version of the track could easily be soundtracking a heady science fiction movie. The beginning abstracts the original into a grainy rhythm, while the drop midway through pulls out the stops and launches into a pulse pounding train ride backed by swelling synths. “Superman” is purely devoid of beats and ends the Sigma Chi Primavera experience with a slow meditation on a warped vision of a solo string performance, like some new type of creature pouring out his emotions on stage, attempting to communicate for all it’s life.

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