Late last year, Mid­west pro­ducer Fancy Mike released the great Madi­son Square Gard­ner EP on King Deluxe, full of thick pro­gram­ming and effer­ves­cent synths. One of the most notable aspects to his music, though, was an affin­ity with orches­tral sounds and com­po­si­tion. While the music had its heart in hip-hop, the under­ly­ing struc­ture was in the sym­phony. It lends his music a weight some­times not found in the bright, spas­tic beat con­struc­tions that cir­cle the globe today. Not one to rest on his lau­rels, the new Sigma Chi Pri­mav­era EP is a var­ied and com­plex col­lec­tion of remixes, col­lab­o­ra­tions, and new tracks.

One of the stand­out tracks from Madi­son Square Gard­ner, “Ramachan­dran,” receives no less than five new ver­sions here, start­ing with Russ­ian beat­smith Pixelord’s “Tron Cat Remix.” Pix­elord trans­forms the psy­che­delic synths and lan­guid rhythm into a cin­e­matic car chase, chop­ping the beat and stretch­ing the melodies into 8 bit swirls. “Ramachan­dran #666 (Alpha­bets Heaven’s Mephistophe­les Mix)” is not only a giant title but a large rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of the orig­i­nal, erad­i­cat­ing the orig­i­nal beat and replac­ing it with a slow thump and adding in fre­netic squalls of noise between the kicks. Another remark­able remix comes with Satanicpornocultshop’s take, with light and happy keys dom­i­nat­ing the sound before dis­torted break­beats come in for contrast.

While remixes take up about half of Sigma Chi Pri­mav­era, some of the best moments come from new col­lab­o­ra­tive tracks like “Cap­tain Nero” with Mont­gomery Clunk. A voice tone is stretched and looped over clipped synths and some very lively drum pro­gram­ming. While com­ing in at a short 2 min­utes, the song nev­er­the­less main­tains a focused momen­tum, with the sec­ond half break­ing into a tri­umphant theme, harken­ing back to Madi­son Square Gard­ner’s epic feel­ing. Star­fawn col­lab­o­rates on “Swan Swan,” with gen­tle twin­kling fre­quen­cies and a thick low-end, while tex­tural voices and dis­tor­tion twists and turns through­out. “Gob­lin” fea­tures Con­strobuz on a bluesy, swampy elec­tronic beat, with swathes of syn­the­sized grit bob­bing slowly over top, feel­ing like an inevitable avalanche.

Fancy Mike closes out with the “Ages Film Suite” ver­sion of “Ramachan­dran” and a new track called “Super­man.” Includ­ing the words “film suite” in this ver­sion is no coin­ci­dence, as this final ver­sion of the track could eas­ily be sound­track­ing a heady sci­ence fic­tion movie. The begin­ning abstracts the orig­i­nal into a grainy rhythm, while the drop mid­way through pulls out the stops and launches into a pulse pound­ing train ride backed by swelling synths. “Super­man” is purely devoid of beats and ends the Sigma Chi Pri­mav­era expe­ri­ence with a slow med­i­ta­tion on a warped vision of a solo string per­for­mance, like some new type of crea­ture pour­ing out his emo­tions on stage, attempt­ing to com­mu­ni­cate for all it’s life.

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