The Progressive Corporation Annual Report 2013

Keith Pishnery, with Michelle Moehler and Nesnadny + Schwartz, designed the The Progressive Corporation Annual Report 2013. See More


Like a Scientist designed and typeset the 382 page book Drawn To Business for Go Media. Visit

The Progressive Corporation Annual Report 2013

Keith Pishnery, with Michelle Moehler and Nesnadny + Schwartz, designed the The Progressive Corporation Annual Report 2011. See More


Like a Scientist designed the logo and packaging for Sonoma Wire Works' GuitarJack. Visit

Outer Spaces

Like a Scientist curated and designed the Outer Spaces music project for Retronyms. Visit


Like a Scientist worked with Scheme on the packaging and promotional materials for Sonoma Wire Works' RiffWorks software. Visit


Like a Scientist designed the logo for SonomaKey, the online account service of Sonoma Wire Works. Visit

Kojak Creative

Like a Scientist designed the logo for film company Kojak Creative.



Even More Downloads, Tigers, and Bears

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Doesn’t seem like that long ago that I posted about a bunch of great downloadable releases for free. Some of the below are free, or name your price, with one or two that are benefit compilations. It’s all pretty great stuff in the beats and synths range of hip-hop and electronic arena. Big fan of all of these. More

Moa Pillar – The Moon and Thunder Dance (Gimme5)

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One of the tracks on Moa Pillar’s new EP, The Moon and Thunder Dance, first appeared on the excellent free compilation from Error Broadcast called Fly Russia, which I previously reviewed. About that particular track I said: “I can’t really think of anything in immediate memory that bangs quite so hard as Moa Pillar’s “Water Lily” (with the exception of Slugabed, maybe), a track that goes along way to making chirping bleeps the most menacing sound in existence. Perhaps it’s the tumbling drums behind it? Or the blunt instrument bass rolling along underneath it all? This is definitely how you start a compilation.” More

V/A – Nihon Kizuna – Benefit for Japan

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100% of the proceeds from this new digital compilation will go to the Japan Red Cross to help with the relief effort there. 49 tracks, many of them exclusive, available for about $15.00. As of this morning, they have raised about $9,000.00 and are hoping to get to $10,000.00 in the next 24 hours. Amazing artists that have been covered here such as Rudi Zygadlo, Slugabed, Kode9, Illum Sphere, kidkanevil, Doshy, Pete Sasqwax, Kper, Virtual Boy, etc. Please go here to read more: Nihon Kizuna and go here to purchase via Bandcamp: V/A – Nihon Kizuna. It’s quite amazing to think that this huge collection of music came together in only 5 days and has already raised a large amount of money.

Chicken, Waffles, and Robots – A Mix

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Decided to do a quick badly-mixed mix today. A bunch of stuff I’m really enjoying at the moment. Most of this music is from the first 3 or 4 months of 2011, including a couple yet-to-be-released tracks. Like I said above: it’s badly mixed, so don’t expect too much. Track list and download link below. More

Oh My, Them Downloads

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Trawling my Facebook feed today, I noticed that Doshy linked to a compilation he has a track on. When I got home, I downloaded Mad-Hop Vol. 1 and started listening to it…always pays to listen to a free compilation, of course. Holy shit, there is some ridiculous beats on this thing. Anyway, it reminded me I hadn’t posted anything in awhile and I thought I would look through my 2011 downloads and mixes folders to see what’s up. Check these gratis music releases….now! More

LAS, 2010 – MVP: Starkey

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When I was putting together my lists for the end of the year, I noticed one particular name that kept coming up again and again: Starkey. It led me to thinking about all of his output for 2010 and eventually the idea of a most valuable player in bass music formed. I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Read why. More

LAS, 2010 – The Best Downloads

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I grapple with the age of free downloadable music because I really do believe in the idea that artists should be paid for entertaining me. However, there is a certain logic to promotional giveaways. Many times when I download music like the stuff below, I end up supporting the artists or labels in different ways. Buying their latest single or EP on iTunes, getting the word out on Twitter, etc. Still, though, sometimes I worry that that this much free stuff out there devalues music in general, makes people expect for all music to be free. That entitled expectation leads to the road of piracy, “Why should I pay for it when I can keep my money and just get it here?” And to be honest, some of these compilations are better than commercially released ones, anyway. In that light, I feel like giving them their own post is appropriate. More

LAS, 2010 – The Best Mixes

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Mixes are the primary way I find new music these days. There is so much out there to be listened to, its wonderful to have great DJs out there distilling the best of it down to hour-long chunks. The 15 mixes here are the best ones I can remember from the hundreds that were put out this year. I definitely played some of these more than anything this year. However, as always, its a small selection and by no means the final word on mixes. More

LAS, 2010 – The Honorable Fifteen

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With the sheer amount of music that is released and consumed by voracious fans and writers like me, there’s no question that “best of” lists are a harsh and difficult distillation of the year’s output. The lists can never represent the totality of great music that was released. This goes especially for 2010, for this year was perhaps one of the best in recent memory for quality releases that broke preconceptions. The below list is my version of “honorable mentions,” those worthy releases that were a hair’s breadth from the “best of” lists and deserve consideration. More

LAS, 2010 – The Best Fifteen

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This year brought a musical ton of singles, albums, EPs, downloads, compilations, mixes, and new artists. In this spirit, I’ve chosen to make my year-end examination a multi-part extravaganza charmingly called LAS, 2010. Instead of saving the “best albums” list for the end, I’m kicking it off with that venerable music critic’s mainstay. This is my statement on the 15 best music releases this year, mostly albums, with an EP and a compilation thrown in for good measure. Without further ado: More